Unauthorized World of Warcraft logins increase leads Blizzard to issue warning

By Ural Garrett , Updated Jun 27, 2013 11:08 AM EDT

Blizzard has warned users of attempted security breaches and temporarily closed its mobile app version of World of Warcraft's online auction house as hackers try to scam users out of large amounts of in-game currency. 

"There's been a recent increase in unauthorized World of Warcraft account-longs via our website and the World of Warcraft mobile armory app," wrote Blizzard on its Battle.net blog.

The celebrated developer plans on notifying any account holders who show signs of unauthorized access and are not using authenticators. Those within those groups will be receive an email describing how to reset their accounts. Accounts impacted by the auction house's closure will have their in-game items and gold restored. 

According to reports, the temporary closure came three days after unauthorized purchases were being made against user accounts at highly inflated prices.

For example, a compromised user would realize that low level armor and weaponry would be bought from the hacker for an insane price. 

Blizzard reminded users of security measures that could prevent attacks like this in the future. 

"While no means of account security is guaranteed, every precaution you take to secure your computer and your account - including changing your password periodically -adds another defensive barrier," Blizzard wrote. "We strongly encourage everyone to take a few moments to read through the security tips available on our support website and follow the suggestions posted there." 

From the looks of things, security and in-game currency issues have been a huge issue for Blizzard following Mays closure of Diablo 3's auction house which also used real-world currency. The closure happened after a patch led to an exploitation of the in-game economy through gold duplication. Profits made by suspended and banned players would eventually be given to the Children's Miracle Network.

Though subscriptions to Blizzard's MMORPG have dropped significantly over the months, it's become popular enough for the film adaptation to head full steam into production according to reports.

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