'StarCraft II' Latest News & Update: Final Nova Covert Ops Released; MultiPlayer Patch Brings Major Changes

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Nov 25, 2016 02:21 AM EST

Blizzard has charted in detail the all-new "StarCraft II" Multiplayer Revamp. The Revamp, which came live on November 23, includes patch 3.8. Among the tweaks covered are the essential redesigning of Zerg Hrdralisk, Terran Cyclone and Protoss Tempest, as well as major improvements to many others. The third and final mission pack for Nova Covert Ops is now released.

"StarCraft II" Update: Nova Covert Ops

Nova Covert Ops comes as a plus single-player promotion for "StarCraft II," centering on Nova, an Assassin of Terran with psionic powers. Nova's loadout can be customized prior to every mission game. Players can also manipulate her abilities at a micro level to maximize her capabilities. The missions maintain StarCraft II's base-building and army-command gameplay. The third instalment, released in packs with three missions, completes the campaign. It is now available to gamers.

"StarCraft II" Update: Multi-Player Revamp

The Multi-Player Revamp is intended to let the players experience a game that is reliably packed with strategically rich alternatives, varying combat and stable gameplay conferred by EU Battle. For Terran, the team is focused on enhancing the possibility of Factory unit armies also known as Mech compositions. There will also be major changes across varying types of StarCraft II maps.

The Cyclone is now redesigned to become a front-line, anti-armour, damage dealer. Blizzard is searching for ways to arrive at a perfect balance for Zerg, Roach/ Ravager, Hydralisk, and Zergling/Baneling-based play. The developers would like to empower, some not used support units which will accordingly get tweaked. With the Hydralisk getting enhanced, all other timidly functioning support will have improved performance.

Blizzard will even out the strengths of the race's harassment options for Protoz. There will also be increased power for Stargate play. Major changes will mostly happen in buffs and are applied to Carrier, Tempest, and Void Ray as reported by PCGames.

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