‘Mortal Engines’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh Production Gets December 2018 Premiere

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Nov 25, 2016 06:28 AM EST

Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's latest production "Mortal Engines" will be released on Dec. 14, 2018. Universal Pictures announced the release of the film on Thursday.  Jackson and Walsh, who produced "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" trilogies, have adapted Philip Reeve's award-winning sci-fi book series which was first published in 2001.

The release date of "Mortal Engine" was announced one day after Fox announced the release of "Avatar" sequel which is slated for Dec. 21. The same month Sony's animated "Spider-Man" will be released. It seems December 2018 will be an extremely competitive month. However, that week of December is always proven lucky for Jackson as his "Hobbit" trilogy and "Lord of the Rings" released the same week. Jackson and Walsh have been working on the adaptation since 2009. But they optioned the rights to the book in 2001.

The adventure Epic "Mortal Engine" is set in a futuristic world, which is devastated technologically as well as ecologically, as per Hollywood Reporter. In that dystopian future, Earth's certain cities roam the globe on huge wheels. These engine-run cities prey on other cities for resources. The battle in a dystopian future is to survive with ever diminishing resources.  The plot revolves around Tom Natsworthy, He along with a young woman from a territory called Outlands, unearth a mystery which has the ability to change the world. The adventure epic was published by Scholastic.

Jackson and Walsh have co-written the screenplay of "Mortal Engine" along with Philippa Boyens who is also the co-producer, reported Variety. The film's two other producers are Amanda Walker and Deborah Forte. Ken Kamins is the executive producer. Christian Rivers is already finalized to direct the film. Rivers is visual effect specialist and he won Oscar for "King Kong" in 2005. 

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