‘Final Fantasy XV’ News & Updates: Glitch Solved, New Patch Coming, An Amazing Amazon PR Stunt

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Nov 25, 2016 06:43 PM EST

“Final Fantasy” is one of the few series in gaming history which does not need introduction. It has been around since the times of text adventures and 2D side scrollers. Since then gaming has evolved and the series itself too. Has it taken a good direction?

IGN gives a thorough review of the development cycle of “Final Fantasy XV”. First, the game started out as additional content for “Final Fantasy XIII” and for a long time it was called “Final Fantasy Versus XII”. It was not before the year of 2013 when “Final Fantasy Versus XII” was renamed to “Final Fantasy XV” turning into a full-fledged game.

After one last delay, the game is expected to arrive at stores on 29 November 2016 and it does not travel alone. Together with it there are a lot of promotional materials, a movie trailer and even its own anime series.

A great addition to the “Final Fantasy” series has been the PS4 Pro option to play on a 4K resolution, but how well do the game and console handle it? Gadgets360 has shared and article comparing the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of the game. According to them, there is a notable difference in the visual aspect of the two versions, but the higher resolution brings its problems. A lot of the text in the game seems unoptimized for the needs of the 4K resolutions, where even the pause menu looks kind of damp.

Another problem is shadows glitch, which makes them twitch and move around and the whole
semi-open experience in the world, where you are limited by invisible walls from entering into water from piers or jumping in water. There is a patch expected to arrive soon, which will boost-up the graphics, but for now the difference between the two versions is miniscule.

Kotaku reports that people have received thorn “Final Fantasy XV” packages from Amazon. This is not some mail scheme, but an amazing PR stunt pulled out to drive additional attention to the game. Amazon Japan has issued special boxes, which look thorn and under the rip there could be seen a copy of “FF XV”. The boxes are sent at random and for reassurance of the clients, it is shared that this is just art drawn over the box’s surface.

“Final Fantasy XV” will launch on 29 November 2016.

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