PlayStation VR Review, News & Update: Expensive Game Titles Can Kill PSVR, Beware of Impulse Buying

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 25, 2016 05:49 PM EST

Gamers are getting more concerned now that PlayStation VR is threading towards sixth week due to high cost of games that come trailing behind. Yes, it was given that PSVR is a piece of tech that changed the whole perception about gaming, yet everybody should be conscious against impulse buying.

Generations after generations of game titles since the good old 8-bit system have given repeated warning. New technology comes at a price - in PlayStation VR's case, steep price indeed. While GameNGuide ruled that Time Magazine have correctly placed PlayStation VR as one of major inventions of this era, sometimes there are hold ups in other aspects. In this case, blame it on game titles.

Make no mistake about it, there are several games that are really fantastic. Look at Wareable and they made round ups of worthy PlayStation VR games that exhilarates the gaming community. But here's the catch; they were priced sky-high. Think of newest PlayStation VR offering "Robinson: The Journey" which pegged at $68.58! Of course, PlayStation 4 games can go at few dollars less but those are for really good ones.

Now here is the PlayStation VR dilemma, gamers have invested $440 to grab this amazing piece of technology plus more than a hundred more for camera and controllers. However, game pricing is going to kill your pocket. Remember that current PlayStation VR titles offer about an hour and as half of gameplay as opposed to hundreds that consoles sport. So it boils down to question of quality, quantity and depth of your pocket.

At any rate, PlayStation VR and virtual reality gaming in general is here to improve gaming experience. It is now a matter of deciding how much gamers are willing to shell out for an hour of euphoria. Do you have PlayStation VR gathering dusts as well? Let us know in comment section below.

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