Incredible Hulk joins other comic book heroes in Liberty City in a new mod for Grand Theft Auto 4

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jul 03, 2013 11:06 AM EDT

We've seen Batman and Iron Man make their way onto Rockstar's streets, but now's the time we welcome the gamma infused Incredible Hulk into Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City, courtesy of a new mod.

JulioNIB, as he's known in the GTAX Scripting community, is the creator behind the latest hero mod. This isn't the cheesey, purple spandex sporting Hulk either, but is modeled directly after Mark Ruffalo's take on the green skinned rage of emotion in last summer's record smashing blockbuster, "The Avengers."

Dare I say, it's far more impressive than the Iron Man or Batman mods, as the Incredible Hulk can interact with Liberty City's environment like Niko or either costumed hero ever could before, with true to comic Hulk abilities. From lifting up cars and tossing them into buildings, or grabbing a light pole and swinging it at pedestrians, as well as numerous other Hulk powers, such as: high powered haymakers, thunder claps, earth shattering ground punches, building clearing leaps, wall climbs, there's even a gamma-styled targeting system in place to help grab incoming rockets and throw them at whatever you please.

Definitely handy if Liberty City has to deal with a Chituari invasion anytime soon, or if you just want to level most of the surrounding landscape. Whatever your choice, Hulk is a perfect choice for wreaking untold amounts of havoc and devestation.

With wall climbing now under his belt, JulioNIB hopes to work on a Spider-Man mod next, and if his work on this Hulk mod is any indication, it should be far better than The Amazing Spider-Man game.

Anyone interested can download the Hulk mod here, along with a proper installation guide. Make sure to check out how he works in the trailer below. Some of the abilities are a little choppy in appearance, but forgivable, as I don't think the Rockstar staff ever quite planned for anything like this before.

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