Apple’s New iPhone 2017 Release Date, Specs, Features, News & Update: 3D Camera On Board; New Remarkable Feature Revealed! [DETAILS HERE]

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Nov 26, 2016 01:37 PM EST

It is recently reported that Apple is closely working with LG to develop a new dual camera module which will enable 3D photography. LG Innotek is now the exclusive supplier for Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, which was released earlier this year. Apple's new iPhone 2017 will most likely carry this technology.

In the past couple of years, Apple has been acquiring companies for the development of their 3D tech. In 2013 Apple acquired the company PrimeSense. To further add 3D tech under their arsenal, the company made an Israeli start-up company LinX as part of the Apple family and absorbing its 3D technology. LinX has the technology for adding more depth to pictures by dividing the digital image into three stages. The possibility of 3D camera Apple's next iPhone is highly expected since the company has been acquiring the technology needed to make it possible. The partnership of the behemoth tech companies will likely result sometime in 2017. It will then be applied to Apple's new products, including a new iPhone 2017.

Meanwhile, one of the new features from Apple is the preview of the Portrait Mode in iOS 10.1. During the iPhone7's launch, the depth of field effect of the Portrait Mode was showcased by Phil Schiller. However, during the said launch, the feature was not ready so the hardware was rolled out without it. Apple users shouldn't fret since the company promised the Portrait Mode to be made available later on via free software update. The most impressive part of Apple's new feature is that it allows users to capture impressive subjects -- people and objects alike. But it appears that the feature works perfectly only for people images. This feature could be part of the new iPhone 2017.

A remarkable camera feature is what iOS and Android users alike should be looking forward to in the coming years. What other features should a new iPhone 2017 have? Sound off in the comments section below. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more updates.

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