Drones Are Transforming The World; 7 Million More Unmanned Aircraft Will Be Sold In 2020?

By CJ Estimada , Updated Nov 26, 2016 05:50 AM EST

Creativeness has transformed how we go about the industry. Drones have been a hot subject in the news for some time. Depends upon what you've read, they're either tremendously effective weapons of war, the next big menace to personal privacy, a groundbreaking leap in video tech, or use them as recreation. There's a degree of veracity to those statements. It might be surprising to learn that drones will soon affect everyday lives in a host of useful ways.

Why Drones Are Important

On package delivery, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos discloses the service is still in development, emphasizing "This is all an R&D project." Yet, the company remains optimistic, with its website expecting that Prime Air vehicles could one day be as common as mail trucks, according to Entrepreneur.

Additionally, these aerial devices usage on farms will become more substantial as many farmers have discovered that drones are very useful for monitoring the health of their fields. In the world of films and photographs, images from drones are appearing on TV, movie screens, other social media feeds. Drone aerial photography has taken off. The sky-high sceneries captured are captivating enough to have made their way into movies.

Drones Could Revolutionize The Way The World Appears

Drones now deliver medical supplies in countries affected by malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. Humanitarian aid can be ably done by helping to ensure that operations can be conducted faster and more efficiently. The same applies to first responders -- drones will become a needed tool for police officers and firefighters. Safety inspection groups are already putting computer-controlled hovers to use, as well, and the range of those efforts will rise as protocols get sorted out.

This application could be widespread very soon because the usage of drones could spell reductions in inspection time that could lead to quicker settlements. Moreover, in the next 5 to 10 years, internet access could become more accessible with the help of drones. Some companies like Google and Facebook are looking into significant advancements in this field.

On hurricane and tornado forecasting, this is on in limited scope now. Unmanned aircraft system UAS enables the NOAA to get records that are going to safeguard property and lives. Furthermore, in a report from BBC News, the wildlife conservation programs involving drones have been evolving since 2011. Poachers are tracked easily with the use of these AUVs. With the trend and its usefulness, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts that the number of drones flying in the sky will reach up to 7 million by the year 2020.

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