'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How To Level Up Really Fast!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 26, 2016 10:08 AM EST

Everyone wants to know the best way to grind and power level their Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun & Moon." While the PvE part of the game is pretty easy to get through even when your team is underleveled or just on the right level, you might need some extra help when you're taking on its late-game or multiplayer offerings.

Most players will have figured out that the best way to do this is to continually have lower-level Pokemon face higher-level Pokemon, but what happens when this is no longer really a viable option? This is where a Lucky Egg comes in. A Lucky Egg has been a staple of the "Pokemon" franchise for a while now, appearing most prominently in "Pokemon Go" because you get it pretty early in that game. In "Pokemon Sun & Moon," it's also a late-game item that increases the EXP a Pokemon gets from battle, but it's essential when it takes longer to grow higher-level Pokemon.

In order to get a Lucky Egg in "Pokemon Sun & Moon," you first have to beat the game's story, according to RPG Site. Yes, there's no way you can get it before you have to finish the main game, for balance purposes. After you finish the game, you'll have to go back to Melemele Island and talk to the professor. He'll give you the Lucky Egg as long as you've caught 50 Pokemon in the Pokedex. Unlike the Lucky Egg in "Pokemon Go," which doubles the EXP you get, the "Pokemon Sun & Moon" version gives Pokemon 50% more EXP after each battle, increasing the rate to 1.5x.

When you do get that Lucky Egg, you're still going to need to grind away in "Pokemon Sun & Moon" in order to train your team to the fullest. There's just no getting around the manual labor part of the game; you can only make it a little easier (or you could cheat your way, find out here). Happy grinding!

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