‘Overwatch’ DLC Latest News & Updates: Next Hero After Sombra Revealed? Doomfist, Athena Next To Be Featured? [PREDICTIONS]

By Mara Rev , Updated Nov 26, 2016 01:11 PM EST

The game "Overwatch" by Blizzard Entertainment will not disappoint gamers. Blizzard never fails to bring a number of great RPGs to the table like "Diablo," "Starcraft," and the world's most subscribed MMORPG - "World of Warcraft." Once again, Blizzard did it with the release of "Overwatch".


One of the most awaited part of the game is when something new unfolds, of course, that is aside from fixing bugs, more items and bonuses, and other team player events. Furthermore, what makes BlizzCon more exciting every year is the game tournament where different teams of players can participate, and the anticipation of unveiling more heroes playable in games such as "Overwatch".


The most recent hero that got out is Sombra, a girl who can shoot, teleport, and possesses exceptional hacking skills. The lore of the game is huge and there are still a lot of heroes that are yet to come out. After Sombra, much speculation has been circulating on the Internet as to which hero would come out next. Who do you think will be revealed in the next "Overwatch" update?


There isn't probably a player of "Overwatch" who doesn't know Doomfist. He was mentioned in Overwatch Cinematic Trailer. The Doomfist gauntlet is being exhibited at the Numbani Heritage Museum, which is an obvious hint that he or the wearer of the item might be a hero (picture Brian wearing the gauntlet sending Widowmaker a few feet away!).


Admit it -- Athena can be a really useful support hero. Gathering information about the enemy, knowing when and how to attack, and understanding the landscape of the place where your mission is at is important when making battle strategy, and Athena can do that. She is known as Winston's AI, and in the game, Athena helps players in the tutorial mode; however, a few of "Overwatch" concept arts reveal a mysterious robot who fans hope to be Athena's physical form.

Do you think Athena or Doomfist will become the next hero? Who do you think should be featured next? Sound off in the comments below! Stay tuned to GamenGuide for future updates on "Overwatch."

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