Steam Awards Latest News & Update: Fans Rally For ‘Half Life 3;’ Giving ‘Half-Life 2’ Nominations For 'A Game That Deserves A Sequel'

By CJ Estimada , Updated Nov 27, 2016 09:10 PM EST

Last week, "Steam" launched a new user-powered awards system that let users nominate games. Gamers are now using the new "Steam Awards" to stress a point to Valve that almost everyone wants 'Half-Life 3."

Valve made a number of award categories, such as the "Game Within A Game" award. It also included a wild card category, the "We Didn't Think Of Everything" award, which gives the audience the liberty to write and vote for their own category. It's this category that fans are using to tell Valve to go ahead and make the sequel everyone's been waiting for years.

The "Game That Deserves A Sequel" Award Is Among The Most Popular Fan-Made Categories

This awards ceremony not only lets "Steam" users vote games into particular categories, they can also nominate a category. Winners will be announced in December. It hasn't taken long for the community to create the 'Game that Deserves A Sequel' award as a method of getting Valve's attention and showing demand for "Half-Life 3."

"Half-Life" Has A Long List Of Awards & Honors

"Half-Life" pocketed remarkable accolades as it got nominated at the 1999 BAFTA Awards for Games Award, Innovative Game Award and Moving Images. In the same year, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, USA has also given it the Computer Game of the Year award and the Computer Action Game award, according to IMDb. It also won the Game Critics Award for Best Game and Best Action Game. "Half-Life" is developed and published by Valve Corporation.

In a PCGAMER review, "Half-Life 2" is described as a close-to-perfect sequel. It takes just about everything that worked from "Half-Life" and develops on it, or preserves it much the same. The sophistication and the stratospheric height of the production ethics mean that "Half-Life 2" is a superb, dramatic experience that has few peers. But that modest synopsis understates how the Valve team has moved toward this undertaking.

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