Adult Swim's 'Headlander' Latest News & Update: Now Compatible With Windows 10 & Xbox One

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 27, 2016 07:38 PM EST

Adult Swim games that were launched by the producer Double Fine Production in July are only available on Steam and PlayStation 4. The company made it possible for the Adult Swim games including "Headlander" to be played on Xbox one and Windows 10.

"Headlander" is now officially available on Xbox One and Windows 10 but it cannot be played anywhere according to Windows Central. If the players wanted to play this, they need to purchase it for $20 for Xbox One and another $20 for Windows 10. There is no difference when users choose the Windows 10 or Xbox One. 

The storyline of "Headlander" is about people who become conscious in the world of cloud storage. It is Methuselah who takes control of the robots and people are using them to take their own pleasure.

The humanity is inserting the human consciousness on the minds of the robots and that makes robots become human slaves that they are even used in doing their responsibilities.

 The setting of "Headlander" is inspired by 1970 science fiction televisions. The game lacks the cross system saving ability.

In "Headlander", the human mind was inserted on Robotic bodies according to God is Geek. They are ruled by computers.  In the Game, it features a protagonist that looks like Joaquin Phoenix. "Headlander" was exclusively available on PC, iOS and Play station 4. The game was on sale the last few weeks however, it came back to its official price which is $20.  

Adult Swim "Headlander" is side scrolling, action adventure game with a retro futuristic game set as described in the official website of Adult Swim. The Developer of the game is the Double Franchise Productions which is based on San Francisco, California.  Adult Swim "Headlander" was launched on Xbox One in Nov. 18, 2016.


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