Blastron for iOS [Review]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jul 13, 2013 01:04 PM EDT

There is a host of gaming apps available on Apple’s App Store at the moment that offer a variety of gameplay values, and it’s actually quite difficult nowadays to find a decent gaming app with favorable gameplay and a decent replay value. However, it seems like Blastron for iOS is just the exact opposite.

To be frank, Blastron from Kabam is a lot of fun to play with different gameplay features offering hours of entertainment without ever having that usual feeling of putting down the phone because you got bored with the same thing over and over again.

Remember the classic Worms title? Those who do will find a lot of relevance with this iOS-based game. It’s basically a Worms-themed strategy title, and apart from the constant on-screen hankering directed toward players to make in-app purchases, the game is actually a small little enjoyable title.

The game’s official App Store page states: “Your robots are armed and ready for battle. It's time to Blast or be Blasted! Launch yourself into the awesome world of Blastron, home of the universe's most extreme Robotic Sport - Blastbots! Explore thousands of ways to blow up your fellow robots, while collecting awesome loot, upgrading and customizing your robots...and did we mention, blasting the crap out of other robots!?!?”

“Collect an arsenal of insane weapons designed for maximum annihilation while upgrading an array of unique robot parts to level up your skills. It's a blast or be blasted kind of world out there, SO GET BLASTING!”

Blastron is set in a world where robots compete with each other, and they do so by firing missiles and other weapons at each other. Although there are outright differences from the original Worms game, it seems like the overall core gameplay is quite similar.

Players need to move their robot around with a virtual left stick, while a virtual right stick allows players to set the desired trajectory for the target, alongside providing options for other features such as the ability to jump, or fine-tune the power of the weapon. There’s also a bar at the bottom of the screen that offers the choice of weapons for the players.

The game offers an initial practice mode for players to settle in before the real game begins. Once they get used to things, players can take part in the game’s campaign or multiplayer mode. At the moment, the game’s multiplayer aspect is only limited to deathmatch, but more in that sector can be expected in the future.

There are a number of different stages for players in the game to explore. However, a certain ticket system offers a bit of restriction and players can only play through a mission for a certain number of times before the tickets fully recharge and are as good as new.

Coming back to the topic of in-app purchases, it seems like the game will not rest until the player has made some kind of an in-app purchase and then some, and this actually ruins the gameplay experience a bit. There are two kinds of currencies to be dealt with – gears and rivets. Both of them are used to reload weapons, get new tech and upgrades, and boosts, some of which are quite costly. But that's just the nature of free to play...

Apart from these small nibbling issues, Blastron seems to be one of the best strategy titles out there, with immense replay value and an experience that doesn’t shy away from the word ‘fun.’ Check out the game trailer below:

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