‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Spoilers, Latest News & Update: New Villain Out To Kill Jessica Leaked?

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Nov 28, 2016 05:16 AM EST

There will be a new villain in "Jessica Jones" Season 2. There is huge possibility that Nuke could be the new villain in Season 2. The Netflix series "Jessica Jones" Season 1 got a lot of attention due to its unique content. It's not like any other superhero genre, as per Screen Rant.

In Season 1 David Tennant proved that a villain does not necessarily should look terrifying to send chills down the spine. For any new villain, it will be a challenge to replicate Tennant's performance. However, Nuke can be the one who can match his performance. Jessica is already aware of the romance between her adoptive sister and Nuke so the Season 2 of "Jessica Jones" will definitely have this factor if Nuke comes back

Nuke appears in "Jessica Jones" as Kilgrave's victims. He appears in Episode 3 of Season 1. His first name is changed to Will here. When he is under Kilgrave's control he is forced to kill Trish Walker, Jessica's adoptive sister. But he fails in his attempt as Jessica manages to stop him. Subsequently, he becomes Trish's boyfriend and uses his skills and resources to assist Jessica in catching Kilgrave.

Tragically, Jessica and Nuke always have a conflict due to their methods in handling the case. While Jessica wants Kilgrave alive, Nuke wants him dead. Nuke also tries to bomb Kilgrave's house that had innocent people. Jessica warns Kilgrave about the bomb. In turn, he forces one of his neighbors to detonate it next to Nuke and his men.  In the explosion, Nuke gets critically injured.

Nuke now re-joins his military unit to get pills which give its consumer superpower. He overdoses those pills despite the warnings from his doctor. This turns him into a violent person and  he starts murdering people. Nuke tries to kill Jessica as well.  Trish and Jessica knock him out and he vanishes. After that, he was never seen in Season 1 of "Jessica Jones".

Earlier, it was speculated that Will's mysterious organization will create more super-soldiers in the Season 2. Season 2 expected to air on Netflix in 2018. Krysten Ritter will reprise her role.  

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