Tekken director asking fans to pick the next character for Tekken Revolution

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jul 15, 2013 04:09 PM EDT

It seems like Tekken series creator and director Katsuhiro Harada is showing no signs of letting Tekken Revolution slow down. It was fairly recent that Tekken Revolution hit over a million downloads, prompting Harada to add Jin Kazama and Lin Xiaoyu. Now, Harada wants to expand the roster even more.

Harada took to TwitLonger to ask fans to vote for their one favorite out of ten characters to join Revolution. In an unexpected twist, all ten are brand spanking new, having never before been featured in a single Tekken game. The catch? Most of them make Tekken 3's farting mini-dinosaur Gon look normal. Many were once considered for inclusion on previous games, but scrapped for various reasons. Descriptions can be read here.

Candidates include:
- a run of the mill old man
- a flopping, flapping, egg shooting salmon
- female Tekken Force member
- female vampire
- female version of Paul
- zombie bride
- giant praying mantis

Yes, some of these characters are indeed truly bizarre to say the least, and I can't even figure out how most of them, especially the salmon, and an old man with no fighting skills whatsoever, will work out in the end. But remember, there's long been an established history of odd characters in the Tekken series. Mechanized space ninjas, boxing kangaroos and dinosaurs, bears, a tiny dinosaur, cyborgs, robots, training dummies, demons, devils, and so on.

Once fans have picked their favorite, Harada is asking them to cast their vote in a Facebook poll. The three finalists will get concept sketches, and then be voted on at this year's Comic-Con Fighting Panel in San Diego, July 19th. The winning character will then be the next to appear in Tekken Revolution. Make enough noise about the winner, and if there's enough demand, Harada will consider putting him or her (or it) in future Tekken games to boot.

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