'Street Fighter V' PC Latest Mods: Sombra Joins Other 'Overwatch' Characters

By Michael Augustin , Updated Nov 28, 2016 07:55 AM EST

When Sombra was revelead as "Overwatch's" latest DLC character, fighting game fans could not help but notice her uncanny resemblance with "Street Fighter V's" Laura. Moreover, because of the similarities in their appearance, it was only a matter of time for modding enthusiasts to finally bring her over to Capcom's side.

Shoryuken has reported that the modder who goes by the name TheJamK introduced the Sombra mod to the PC version of "Street Fighter V." This modder also brough other "Overwatch" characters into the game, modding Tracer onto Cammy, Reinhardt over to Zangief, and Mei on top of Rainbow Mika. Each mod only affects how the fighters appear on screen, but keep their hurtboxes and movesets intact.

The "Street Fighter V" PC mod scene has welcomed numerous crossover characters from anime shows, other video games and even real life personalities from the fighting game community. Other notable modifications available for the game include character model swaps, and the notoriously popular nude mods. These tweaks are exclusively available only for the PC version of the game.

Capcom has also provided "Street Fighter V" players with costumes and colors officially through its in-game store. Most of these stuff can be bought using their in-game currency called "Fight Money", while the other premium items require real money. PC players on the other hand have reportedly used hacks to unlock DLC characters and more.

"Street Fighter V" was known to have been released bare-bones with hardly any content according to Kotaku. Missing an arcade mode or story mode, fans were forced to just grind it out playing online against other players. Users who preferred to stay away from PVP matches only had training mode and survival mode to tide them over. All of that now seems to be in the past as the game has received all the promised patches and content from Capcom.

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