'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Tips, Tricks, Latest News & Update: 'Call For Help' Feature Double-Edged Sword, Misuse Results To Decreasing XP?

By LA Zamora , Updated Nov 29, 2016 01:18 AM EST

2016 can be considered as a successful year for both "Pokemon Go" and its counterpart, "Pokemon Sun And Moon." While "Pokemon Go" is managed and maintained by Niantic for Nintendo, "Pokemon Sun And Moon" are managed by Game Freak. "Pokemon Sun And Moon" is considered to be the newest baby in Nintendo's line up and its worldwide launch has reportedly been received quite well.

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News

The most recent "Pokemon Sun And Moon" launch was held in the United Kingdom. According to reports, the launch of "Pokemon Sun And Moon" can be considered as Nintendo's biggest event in the UK.

Further, "Pokemon Sun And Moon" profits soared high right away, with reports revealing that the launch garnered the highest sales in the "Pokemon" franchise. Although "Pokemon Go" is also a record breaker for 2016, the neophyte "Pokemon Sun And Moon" is proving that it can also rake in profits for the gaming company.

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Latest Update

As of writing, "Pokemon Sun And Moon" runs on 3DS hardware. This has elicited a lot of sarcastic smirks from game analysts and critics because they consider 3DS as on the borderline of being obsolete. However, basing on the profits and popularity of "Pokemon Sun And Moon," it seems like the players don't really mind the 3DS hardware.

Additionally, "Pokemon Sun And Moon" will reportedly have a hardware update and overhaul once Nintendo Switch will be released. According to reports, a new and updated versions of "Pokemon Sun And Moon" will be made specifically for Nintendo Switch's hardware.

'Pokemon Go' Vs. 'Pokemon Sun & Moon'

It doesn't take a genius to see the differences of "Pokemon Go" and "Pokemon Sun And Moon." Even those players who are boasting their skills in "Pokemon Go" still has to use an entirely different approach to succeed in "Pokemon Sun And Moon."
In "Pokemon Sun And Moon," it's not all about catching pocket monsters and hatching eggs. Teamwork is essential in "Pokemon Sun And Moon," as players can quickly increase their level by participating in the "Call For Help" feature. 

However, the chosen pocket monster must be well-equipped to fight different kinds of Pokemon or else, the battle will drag on and end up as a waste of time. Check out the video below for more gameplay details of "Pokemon Sun And Moon." Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Pokemon Sun And Moon" news and updates!


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