Title update 12 for Minecraft on Xbox 360 undergoing bug testing

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jul 19, 2013 06:16 PM EDT

Worry not console Minecraft-ers, for you're that much closer to the game being like it's more updated, PC cousin.

4J is currently putting Minecraft's Title Update 12 through the trials and tribulations of bug testing. This, according to a tweet from 4J earlier today. So far, we know that among other things, the title update will include:

Support for texture packs.
- Build height limit will be changed from 128 to 256, allowing your fortress(es) to climb that much higher into the clouds.
- A new Jungle biome with trees (obviously), ocelots, and cats. These feline friends can be tamed with a plentiful supply of raw fish if you're able to catch them. Their ability to scare off Creepers make them ideal pets, just make sure you try to keep them away from your chickens.
- New blocks include chiseled stone brick, redstone lamps, and anything that comes from jungle trees, such as planks, stairs, and cocoa pods. This will make it considerably easier to make cookies, as cocoa beans will be much more plentiful. Unfortunately, they offer little more use than that, other than making dye.
- Iron Golem. Definitely a step up in home defense if mobs or griefers got you down. Not the smartest creatures, but considerably tougher than snow golems.
- Mob head (in creative mode only). However, this does seem to indicate that 4J does plan on including the fearsome wither boss at some point in the future, as mob heads are required to craft it, likewise for more "interesting" fireworks.
- Slabs and stairs can be placed upside-down, atop of which items can be directly placed.
- Corner stairs will automatically change their shape (considerably more pleasing aesthetically).
- Dropped items are now rendered in 3D.
- The tutorial world has been updated.

Once bug testing on the update is complete, it just needs to go through certification process, at which point the company will release complete list of patch notes. However, 4J hasn't clued anyone in as to when this might be. We'll let you know if they reveal any information about a release window.

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