'Yuri On Ice' Episode 9 Latest News & Updates: Coach Viktor Will Travel Back To Russia To Witness Yuri's Final Round

By Clarice F. Bernardo , Updated Nov 29, 2016 07:07 AM EST

The Japanese sports anime television series titled "Yuri On Ice" has remained to be viewers' favorite. Now on its Episode 9, the fans are already discussing their predictions over the internet.

It was previously reported by Hall Of Fame Magazine that "Yuri On Ice" Episode 9 will show that there is nothing to worry about Makkachin, the pet poodle of Viktor Nikiforov. Makkachin will be safe as a veterinarian will immediately attend to check on the pet.

With the knowledge that his pet poodle is safe, it is rumoured that Viktor Nikiforov will hurry back to Yuri in the earliest time possible. He will travel back to Russia to witness the next performance of Yuri. Will Viktor Nikiforov make it to the final round of his student's competition? "Yuri On Ice" Episode 9 is to answer this.

According to Chatt Sports Net, it is in Episode 9 of "Yuri On Ice" that the self-esteem of Yuri will be put to test. This is probably because Yuri still not has the assurance that his coach Viktor Nikiforov will be there to watch him.

Since Yuri is lacking confidence, "Yuri On Ice" Episode 9 is predicted to feature this weakness and regard this as his opponent's competitive advantage. The fans are still betting on Yuri as he showcased an exemplary performance in beating Yurio Plisetsky in "Yuri On Ice" Episode 8.

While coach Viktor Nikiforov is going to be away to check on Makkachin, Yakov is to coach Yuri for the mean time. "Yuri On Ice" Episode 9 will unfold how the student-coach relationship between Yuri and Viktor Nikiforov has blossomed as Yuri feels uneasy no having his coach around.

All of these remain as merely predictions until "Yuri On Ice" Episode 9 airs. Do not miss to watch the upcoming episode to have these predictions confirmed or denied.


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