‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ Release Date, News & Update: Game Now In The Works; Coming On Nintendo Switch? Find Out Here!

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 29, 2016 04:56 AM EST

The game enthusiasts have been waiting for the coming of "The Elder Scrolls 6" for so long now, but Bethesda is still mum about it. Fans are only have made up theories and assumptions about the game's coming, but another news emerged that it is now in the works.

The followers of the video game series, "The Elder Scrolls," have something to cling on to once again as the Bethesda director and executive producer Todd Howard hinted a coming of a new game. "It's not what you would call a big, active project right now... It's certainly a game that we'll be making one day," he said.

However, the statement didn't mention any title but some believed it is "The Elder Scrolls 6." According to Neurogadget, "The Elders Scrolls 6" is quite an inactive game project but Bethesda might be a holding a lot for the future of the game. It is also noted that there are signs that pertain the title is in the works.

To recall, in an interview with Todd Howard in March, he revealed that "three big and crazy projects" are coming their way. Hence, fans quickly assume that it includes "The Elder Scrolls 6." Bethesda, too, leased an advertisement that it is looking for a Quest Designer that has an "Experience with 'The Elder Scrolls' Construction Set."

Aside from that, the release of "The Elder Scrolls 6" might be in time with the unveiling of Nintendo Switch. In fact, it can be noticed that in the game console's trailer, "Skyrim" was definitely the game featured.

Meanwhile, NSEAVoice cited that the late development of "The Elder Scrolls 6" might be because Bethesda's is more focusing on creating "Fallout 4" VR. The action role-playing title is evidently a success and its game developer is now aiming to give a different kind of gaming experience to its players.

Bethesda is targeting to release "Fallout 4" VR in about two years. "The Elder Scrolls 6" release, on the other hand, is not yet confirmed. However, Todd Howard asserted that he would not stop making the two said titles.

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