'Sniper Elite 4' For PS4 Latest News & Update: Release Date, Expectations & X-ray Vision Feature Like In Mortal Kombat?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 29, 2016 10:13 AM EST

Shooting games feature a great first-person view of the battlefield and the area around a player. New releases are coming every now and then and one of that would be "Sniper Elite 4," which will be released this 2017.

The game mostly features a gameplay like that of other shooting genre games such as "Metal Gear" and the like. Now, "Sniper Elite 4" features a third-person view that presents a movie-like game because of the slow motions and one unique feature that is in the game-----the X-ray vision of the damage a player has done to the enemy.

Tactical speed and use of wits in Sniper Elite 4

A player must use the tactics and techniques in order to progress and gain victory in the game. It is not a personal secret. "Sniper Elite 4" is the game that uses the thinking of the player and how it affects the gameplay. Of course, shooting games never set aside the main element of its purpose---to shoot and kill.

X-ray vision is present in the game, which makes for a uniquely made game aside from the previous releases. Based on the trailer, shooting an enemy from a faraway range does not only give players an incentive to score big but to assure the kill was successful because of the slow motion effect.

Good news for PS4 and PC users, as well as those who pre-order

The main goal in "Sniper Elite 4" is to succeed in any missions a player is tasked to do. One might involve assassination of a certain person higher in position, killing a certain group of enemy, or just scoring huge in a battle against friends in multiplayer or work together as a group.

There are so many things that can be done in the said game. As many game enthusiasts are waiting for the game, the game will be released this February 14, 2017. The game can be both played on the PS4 console and the PC version. Players can pre-order the game on Steam and will get a special campaign, Target Führer, in the game. For more updates and news on "Sniper Elite 4," stay tuned for more!

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