'The Last Guardian' Latest News & Updates: Releases a New Trailer, Latest Gameplay Based on Flashback? [VIDEO]

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Nov 29, 2016 10:20 AM EST

"The Last Guardian" finally confirmed a release date after launching its latest gameplay trailer in over five years. In fact, avid fans will no longer need a day or even major patches to run the game smoothly. Since the game has reached gold, it has undergone several tests to make sure that the system will run smoothly enough for public use.

According to Game Pur, Sony Japan has recently released a full-length gameplay trailer of "The Last Guardian" which lasted for about 8 minutes. The 8-minute long video highlighted is spectacular visual effects and a sneak peak of its storyline. The video starts as a narrative by a nostalgic old man who recalls his experience as a young boy who gets the chance to meet a griffin-like giant. The trailer was great and didn't fail to leave everyone in awe.

Trico, who was "The Last Guardian's" adorable monster, comes back in the game's latest installment. The mere interaction between the boy and the mythical creature was so heartfelt that everyone who saw the video almost felt the magical friendship between them. There was also a glimpse of how the platform puzzles would look . The previous game trailers have also shown that both the unnamed boy and Trico would need to coordinate with one another, sharing their unique abilities and skill sets, in order to solve the puzzles one at a time, according to reports. 

The fans of "The Last Guardian" have been left clueless for the past few years that its gold release didn't really make much of an impact. The fanbase' wavering interest started in 2011 when the game announced its release for PlayStation 3. The game suffered several postponements since then until the fans forgot about it and other games started rising up and stirring up new types.

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