‘Battlefield 2’ News & Update: Project Reality Mod Brings Back The Falklands War, World War 2 Next?

By Bernie Y. , Updated Nov 29, 2016 12:01 PM EST

"Battlefield 2" will see the Falklands war in one of its biggest mods -- Project Reality. As one of the most in-depths mod for the game, the mod gets updated adding the Falklands War. After this, what could fans expect next?

Project Reality Bring The Falklands War

"Battlefield 2" will have another update in one of its mods - Project Reality - bringing in the Falklands War, per Eurogamer. Just a backgrounder, the Falklands War was a battle between Argentina and United Kingdom, which lasted for 10 weeks. The two were fighting over two overseas territories in the South Atlantic. The war began in April 1982."

Project Reality  v1.4 update will see British and Argentinean factions based in Falklands. "Battlefield 2" players will also get to use weapons, tanks, jets and equipment found during that particular war.


The Development Of Project Reality's V1.4 Update

Meanwhile, Kotaku mentioned that the team has lost many of its members to the development of "Squad." Despite this, the team continued to work on "Battlefield 2," bringing in another update to the Project Reality mod.

The report noted that the 1982 war was mostly underrepresented in video games despite the many attempts. It is actually one of the best set-ups for a game like "Battlefield 2," complete with naval combat, landing operations and air missions.

As mentioned earlier, the v1.4 update will bring in a bevy of spectacular weapons created in that area. The Project Reality's latest update will allow players to choose from playing as one of the Argentineans or as one of the British. You may download the update in the link here.

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