'Overwatch' News & Updates: Fans Forged Real Life Genji's Dragonblade And Lucio's Gun. See Detals Here.

By KILAT , Updated Nov 30, 2016 03:30 AM EST

Man At Arms: Reforged is a team of master craftspeople that don't simply make look-alike props but exact functional replicas. The team makes replicas of pop culture weapons using available materials and techniques like the Dragonblade of "Overwatch's" Genji.

Though the weapons are replicas from fiction they are effective as real weapons. The team made a replica of Genji's Dragonblade from the globally popular game "Overwatch."

"Overwatch" Genji's Dragonblade are forged using traditional methods. Using a combination of green LED lights and a sheet of Lexan polycarbonate, they added the glowing cyber-ninja components.

"Man At Arms: Reforged" also built other famous weapons from games other than "Overwatch." They built Hylian of Link from "Legends of Zelda: A Link To The Past," Geralt's swords from "The Witcher 3," and the Saw Cleaver from "Bloodborne."

Another "Overwatch"  fan, Simone Fontana created a perfect replica of Lucio's gun. The fan posted the building process for other fans that want to build their own or get prop-making techniques.

It wasn't a surprise Simone Fontana chose Lucio's gun to replicate. Lucio has always been in the upper ranks of the "Overwatch" heroes' popularity list and it also comes with his unique gameplay.

Simone Fontana meticulously forged the "Overwatch" weapon from scratch as a customized 3D model. He has quite a number of 3D modeling background experience. His 3D models are always spot on and identical to the in-game fictional weapons.

With Lucio's gun, he did not only make it look like an exact replica. He simply added needed electronics for an audio to play through, just like what Lucio's gun does in "Overwatch."

It took Simone Fontana 100 hours for Lucio's gun to be built by a 3D printer. That is on top of modeling, assembling and painting the gun replica. He is making the 3D base file for the "Overwatch" available to anyone who will sign up to support his Patreon account.

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