Steam Games Release Date, News & Updates: Fans Can Play This Steam Game For Free This Weekend, Check It Out!

By KILAT , Updated Nov 30, 2016 03:19 AM EST

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Steam's Autumn Sale had passed and gamers probably had their fill of games, promotions and freebies. However, it isn't over just yet. There's one game that gamers can play for free this weekend which is called "Battlerite."

From December 1, Thursday to December 4, Sunday, "Battlerite" will be free to play on Steam. "Battlerite" is a Team Arena Brawler Player vs. Player combat action-packed game. Players fight side by side with their teammates in coliseum-style environments.

The game "Battlerite" invites players to step up to the challenge and enter 2 versus 2 and 3 versus 3 matches with timing and precision. It is a Player vs. Player fighting in its purest forms.

"Battlerite" players has wide array of customizations to choose from. Players can put in their character's personality by customizing it from head to foot to make it stand out from other player's characters.

The MOBA-style, "Battlerite" game is entirely playable from over the event in December 1-4. Players who want to test the game before purchasing it have the chance over the window time.

During the event, "Battlerite" will be on sale at 25 percent off, bringing the price to $15. That is the same price players can purchase the game on today's on going Steam Autumn Sale.

"Battlerite" is still in Steam early access. The game had a very strong start in September 2016, hitting the top of the Steam sales list.

Stunlock Studios developed "Battlerite." According to Gamespot, Stunlock Studios reported that "Battlerite" has sold more than 400,000 in its first two months. But based on Steam's player stats page, "Battlerite's" popularity declined.

This may not be the last of Steam's free to play weekend events. Today is also Steam Autum Sale's last day. Game titles on sale are "Inside" at $15, "Cities:Skylines" at $7.49, "Grand Theft Auto V" at $30, "Dirt Rally" at $30, "Rise Of The Tomb Raider" at $30, "Sardew Valley" at $10 and "Battlerite" at $15.

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