‘Sister Wives’ Season 7 News & Updates: Troubles In Paradise, One Of Sister Wives Ending Her Marriage With Kody?

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Nov 30, 2016 11:23 AM EST

As far as reality TV goes, “Sister Wives” is one interesting project, which challenges both contestants and viewers into escape of comfort zone and facing problems which arise from life itself. So, what is happening there?

First news come from Enstarz, they share that there are some problems in the nest of Meri and Kody. According to them, the star of the show has kicked out her husband from the house.
Does this mean end to their marriage?

Probably, yes. There were some hurtful and emotional things shared between the couple on both sides. They each shared their opinion and no matter if people like it or not, these two are on a one way street to a marriage end. Will this be the end of the series? Most probably not, but it will be interesting to see the further development of the story.

Starcasm shares an interview with Kody. It is obvious that he himself has given up on the idea of staying together. He shares that he did all he could to save the relationship, but it was just not enough to fix all the issues between them. Short Twitter updates show that Meri sees the problem as solved. For her things are over and she is happy that it passed safely and in an almost friendly manner. Kody shares that even though they have chosen to be a public couple, there are still some things which are reserved only to him and his close ones.

Reality Tea shares a different perspective on the problem. They reveal an emotional side to Meri, who is trying to fix the broken marriage and create some harmony in the family, but meets only troubles. Her act is not one of hate, but of desire to establish a more acceptable environment around her, in which she and her child can live peacefully. This, sadly is impossible and she had to make the tough choice. What do you think will happen in their further relations?

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