Space World Theme Park Japan News & Update: Japanese Theme Park Received Criticism For Freezing 5,000 Dead Fishes As An Ice Skating Rink Attraction

By KILAT , Updated Nov 30, 2016 04:44 AM EST

Space World, a theme park in the southern city of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka prefecture received criticism fort its ice-skating rink attraction. It features 5,000 dead aquatic animals frozen in the ice in the rink. They just opened the attraction on November 12.

Space World theme park has encountered a public outrage from netizens everywhere. They've received statements that they have no morals for using animals for entertainment in events. The park's officials have issued their sincere public apology through social media and media interviews.

Space World theme park officials also issued a statement that the aquatic animals were already dead when they were frozen. Space World spokesman Koji Shibata they had internal discussions over the morality of the idea, according to Agence France-Presse.

As part of the apology, Space World theme park General manager Toshimi Takeda told the AFP news agency that after the ice melts, a memorial ceremony with a Shinto priest will be held for the aquatic animals. It will take a week, AFP reported.

Space World theme park 's Facebook page showed pictures of some fishes half-submerged in the ice with mouths open, some arranged as schools of fish forming arrows, or circular patterns. According to Britain's Guardian newspaper, a school of fished formed the word "hello".

According to Mainichi Shimbun, Space World theme park  purchased 25 types of fish in the fish market. The larger animals like whale sharks and stingrays are just pictures.

Space World theme park Space World general manager Toshimi Takeda told the newspaper that the intention was to give the feel of the ocean while skating on their rinks. They intended for the visitors to have fun and learn more about the fish.

A woman told NHK news that it was as if the fishes were alive and she was uncomfortable letting her kids skate on them. One tweet said that the attraction for Space World theme park  was done in poor taste. Another complaint was these creatures were treated like toys while others are saying that the fishes were food put to waste.

Space World theme park  has already removed the photos of the skating rink on its facebook page and other media outlets but the images continue to circulate. No exact news regarding its reopening has been confirmed.

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