Electronic Arts Latest News & Update: Exec Discusses ‘Titanfall 2’ & Nintendo Switch; Which EA Game Will Come To Switch?

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:46 AM EST

Peter Moore, Electronic Arts' chief competition officer, has a lot of good things to say about Nintendo. The exec also weighs in on the current standing of "Titanfall 2" and remains consistent that the game will eventually catch on. About the major game EA is bringing to the Nintendo Switch, however, there's still a lot to ponder on, it seems.

Speaking to GameSpot, Moore pours his praises for Nintendo. "They [Nintendo] have some of the best first-party development studios in the world and some of the most valuable intellectual property in the world," Moore said during the Credit Suisse Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference. Speaking on behalf of Electronic Arts, the CCO mentioned EA's long-standing relationship with Nintendo and mentioned "Pokémon," "Zelda," "Mario" and "Metroid" among Nintendo's impressive brands.

Electronic Arts Talks About "Titanfall 2"

Until now, Electronic Arts is still being bombarded by questions over the disappointing sales for "Titanfall 2." According to Moore, EA isn't overly concerned with sales figures for launch because the company is looking at it long-term.

Moore reiterated that "Titanfall 2" will continue to sell and its figures will improve. Gamenguide writes of Respawn's free DLC campaign, which was well received by fans and the topic of positive reviews. Moore did say, however, that the launch of "Titanfall 2" happened during a rather busy time but said the game will eventually catch on because "quality always shines through."

Electronic Arts To Port One Of Its Bigger Games On The Nintendo Switch

It was announced in October that Electronic Arts is one of the partners tasked to create games for the Switch, although CFO Blake Jorgensen suggested that the company wouldn't make an original game for the new console. EA had previously supported the Wii U with four games, including "FIFA 13," "Madden NFL 13," "Mass Effect 3" and "Need for Speed Most Wanted."

Electronic Arts is yet to announce which game will be ported on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, the company will make an announcement at the Nintendo Switch event scheduled on January 13, 2017.

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