Nintendo Latest News & Update: Game Company Teams Up With Universal Studios To Open A Super Mario Bros. Theme Park All Over The World

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 30, 2016 03:07 PM EST

Nintendo has officially announced that they will be opening theme parks based on their famous video games inside the Universal Studios parks all over the world.  Nintendo is the producer of the well-known games like "Super Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong", "Legends of Zelda" series and the lovable creatures from the "Pokemon" world.

Mark Woodbury the President of Universal Creative and Mario Shigeru Miyamato made an announcement via video confirming that they will be opening Super Mario-themed parks according to Entertainment Weekly. The Nintendo Park opens in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, Hollywood, California and Osaka, Japan where the attractions are currently in development.

"We're going to be able to create an entire Nintendo world," said Mark Woodbury in the online video regarding the Nintendo theme-park for Universal Studios. "We're always looking for the next great idea, the next great place to take people. And Nintendo fit the bill," he continued in the video.

The Nintendo attraction in Universal Studios will include shops and restaurants and ensured fans and tourist that the theme-park will feel like that they are playing the game in real life. However there are still no details on when the attraction will open or what specific rides they might they might include.

Aside from the future Nintendo attraction, Universal Studios have produced some of the biggest attractions this year, like the six-acre Harry Potter theme-park that cost around $500 million. Los Angeles Times reported that the Universal Studios also opened a haunted maze attraction based on the AMC hit series "The Walking Dead".

The Nintendo theme park in Universal Studios will go up against Disneyland which has been investing in major attractions like the "Star Wars" land at the Anaheim Park and their Marvel's "Iron Man" Experience opening next year. Universal Studios executives are planning to open new attraction every year in major locations.

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