'Dark Souls III' Completed With Donkey Kong Bongos

'Dark Souls III' Completed With Donkey Kong Bongos

Gamers are well aware that the "Dark Souls" series are incredibly difficult.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition Latest News and Update: Limited Stock Expected on its Dec. 20 Release; Console’s Cord Length Issues Resolved?

Nintendo Mini NES News & Update: ThinkGeek Re-stocks Mini NES Before Holidays; Learn How to Get Mini NES

ThinkGeek re-stocks mini NES hefore holiday hit. Read the full report to learn how to get one

by Arah TJ

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition – Nintendo Minute

Nintendo Latest Offer: The New Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition

The New Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition will be released this Nov. 11. Just like the old games of Nintendo, players could experience a modern traditional way of playing games.

by Samille Jan Abada

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Nintendo Switch Release Date, Latest News & Update: New Mario Game Ramps Up Game Console Chances in 2017

Nintendo finally unveiled its highly anticipated game console known as the Nintendo Switch, a portable and shape-changing solution that plans to crowd the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Critics believe that while the concept is different, it may need the backing of games like Super Mario in 2017 to beat the odds.

by Snooky Grawls

Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards - Show

Nintendo and Vans Team Up For Gaming Sneakers: 'Legend of Zelda,' 'Super Mario Bros' & More!

Nintendo has teamed up with Vans to come up with Nintendo-themed sneakers and apparel.

by Kathleen Nava

The Nintendo Lounge On The TV Guide Magazine Yacht - Day 3 - Comic-Con International 2015

'Star Fox Zero' Review; Is Wii U The Wrong Platform For The Game?

Nintendo released 'Star Fox Zero', aiming to rise in the ranks of other successful Wii U game releases such as Mario Kart 8.

by Roleen Delos Reyes

Donkey Kong Country

Nintendo eShop And Virtual Console Update: Six Classic Donkey Kong Titles On Sale, Ironfall Invasion And More

As part of a special promotional offer for the new 3DS and Wii U Donkey Kong titles, Nintendo has put up six of the ape's adventures onto the eShop. See what else they have on offer this week over at the eShop!

by Steve Buja

Donkey Kong Smash Bros.

No Monkeying Around, Donkey Kong Is A Jerk [OPINION]

Kidnaps your girlfriend, scares kids at circuses, and probably flings his own poo to boot.

by Luke Caulfield

April Nintendo Direct

April Nintendo Direct Round-Up: 3DS Release Dates, New 'The Legend of Zelda' and More

'Mario & Luigi: Dream Team' is coming out in August. Put your night caps on now.

by Trevor Ruben

Nintendo Direct Tweet

Nintendo Direct Coming Wednesday With 3DS News

Nintendo Direct is this week. Here's what to expect.

by Trevor Ruben

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