‘Final Fantasy XV’ Tips, Tricks, Latest News & Updates: Combat Tips Revealed; Check Out Awesome Game Features

By Mara Rev , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:13 AM EST

With the release of Square Enix's newest game, "Final Fantasy XV", fans have ­not been quiet about it. Reviews are sprouting here and there, saying that the game is better than expected.

According to Time.com, Square Enix was able to pull it off this time after average entries that got out in 2014 - "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII" and "Final Fantasy XIV* in 2014. Now, in its glorious comeback, more details have been revealed about "Final Fantasy XV".

New Features

New features of the game include "Ability Call". These are Abilities that you can acquire separately from the leveling system through the use of Ability Points or AP. These abilities include Ignis' "Analyze". On the other hand, your learned abilities are dependent on the actions that you do in "Final Fantasy XV".

Combat System

One of the most important parts of "Final Fantasy" games is its combat system. The game boosts a seamless combat experience and it also allows you to customize how you want to play. In "Final Fantasy XV," you will be given four slots to choose to equip your weapons, magic or shield. You will need to be in combat mode in order to control Noctis.

When you're fighting in "Final Fantasy XV", you can choose real-time battle or through the optional wait time which pauses the game when you do not move. If you want to study the battlefield and plan out your next move, you can a button for Noctis to auto-attack. This will give you enough time to think about your strategy and what moves to make like "warp strikes" which enables Noctis to move quickly through the battlefield and deal huge damage. "Point warps" allows Noctis to teleport or escape to a higher ground, or a place which allows him to get a good view of the place.


In the world of "Final Fantasy XV", magic is all around. You can use it and customize it to your liking. There are four basic types of magic, and in order to use it, you'll have to draw magic and then put it into a flask. You can put two kinds of magic in a single flask. Just like any other game, you can also improve your magic so that it can deal more damage.

"Final Fantasy XV" is now available for Xbox One and Play Station 4. Experience the game and play it.

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