Nintendo 3DS Latest News & Updates: Amazon Botches $99 Black Friday 3DS Deal!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:43 AM EST

Black Friday has come and gone this year, and while a lot of vendors managed to sell electronics and consoles at a discounted rate successfully, not everything went off with a hitch. Amazon is coming under fire from its customers for mishandling their special offer on the Nintendo 3DS last Friday.

Amazon had been selling a black or white "Super Mario Bros"-themed Nintendo 3DS for Black Friday at only $99. GameRant reports that this is the first time the Nintendo 3DS was being sold for less than $100, so gamers capitalized on the sweet deal on the online shopping site. However, when it was time for gamers to actually try to buy the 3DS on Black Friday, they were greeted by messages saying that the 3DS was already sold out.

It turns out that that particular Nintendo 3DS was already available for pre-order a couple of days before Black Friday, according to Polygon. Smart Amazon customers decided to pre-order the 3DS, and enough of them had done so to make it go out of stock by the time the Black Friday deal went live. After that, some very scrupulous people were reselling the 3DS on Amazon for almost double price.

A lot of people complained about Amazon's handling of the matter, which included not restocking the Nintendo 3DS fast enough to meet the demand. Even though other retailers, such as Best Buy and Walmart, had the same Nintendo 3DS deal in place, Amazon's customers still remained angry because of how it went down.

There were apparently Nintendo fans who weren't even aware Amazon was putting up the Black Friday deal on the 3DS, only finding out about it after it had sold out. This has happened before with Amazon's selling of other Nintendo products, such as the NES Classic and the Pokemon Go peripheral.

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