The latest DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among, Zatanna, is now available to download [Trailer]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 13, 2013 06:41 PM EDT

Got $5 to spare? Good, because that's all you need to download Injustice: Gods Among Us' latest DLC character, Zatanna. As of today, the mistress of magic is available for players to download on either the Xbox 360 for 400 MSP, or for $4.99 on the PlayStation 3. There's no mention yet if she'll be coming to the Wii U (though NeatherRealms head Ed Boon tweeted that an update is due to hit the console soon).

At first glance, Zatanna hardly looks threatening with her trademark top hat and wand, but as a descendant of some reputable mages, she's actually one of the most powerful wielders of magic in the DC universe. Good thing too, because she'll need to be able to pull a lot more than rabbits out of her hat to take on Injustice's dictatorial Superman.

Whereas other members of the League do their best to hide their heroics under the guise of average citizens, like how Supes disguises himself as mild mannered reporter Clark Kent, Zatanna lives life a little more out loud than the rest of her hero buddies, using her natural affinity for magic as an illusionist to pay the bills.

She's a lot more physical in combat than you might expect. She's just as skilled at delivering quick kick combos as she is in magic.

After Martian Manhunter, Zatanna will be the sixth DLC character to hit Injustice, joining Zod, Scorpion, Lobo, and Batgirl. There's close to 30 characters that feature in Injustice, and that's just counting the selectable ones, many of whom are some of the standouts from DC Comics: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, a great many Justice League regulars, as well as classic villains like the Joker, Doomsday, Lex Luthor and more.

Set in an alternate universe, Injustice: Gods Among sees Superman reign in as a dictatorial figure after a horrific attack hits Metropolis, courtesy of the Joker. Superman's new role doesn't seem to sit well with some of the remaining members of the Justice League, as well as their enemies, forcing a team up between the two traditionally opposed groups to take Supes down.  

Now, a good amount of fans are already fairly familiar with the magical minx, but NeatherRealms has prepared a short trailer to help the non-knowledgeable catch up, which you can check out below.

Check back later for our review of Zatanna.

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