‘Final Fantasy 15’ Latest News & Update: Secret Dungeon Revealed; Offers Great Rewards, Challenging Puzzles

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 30, 2016 04:11 PM EST

The new gaming world of "Final Fantasy 15" contains several secrets just waiting for players to uncover. Recently, the location of a hidden dungeon in Square Exix's latest game has been revealed.

"Final Fantasy 15" is one of the year's highly anticipated role-playing video games from Square Enix. With its beautiful in-game scenery, as well as its intriguing storyline, many players have already spent several hours exploring different locations and fighting various enemies.

However, an interesting area in the "Final Fantasy 15" map leads to the location of a secret dungeon. Accessible only after a player has completed the game, the hidden dungeon can be found near the Rock of Ravatogh, according to Kotaku.

To reach the dungeon, players should upgrade Noctis' car into the Regalia Type F that can transform into an airship. A yellow line found on the "Final Fantasy 15" map near Ravatogh marks the location of the secret dungeon.

Landing the upgraded vehicle on the said line can be tricky, however, the challenge will be worth it given the said dungeon's various rewards and puzzles. Moreover, "Final Fantasy 15" players should embark on a trip to the said location during night time.

Meanwhile, gamers will not encounter battles, monsters or enemies inside the dungeon. With the "gravity-bending" puzzles, completing the dungeon's various challenges may take around five hours, as indicated in the same report.

In other news, "Final Fantasy 15" also features a diverse mix of opponents that includes giant monsters such as the turtle-like adamantoise. Defeating the said creature can take several hours or days especially for newbie players.

However, YouTuber PowerPyx managed to take down the adamantoise in under an hour at level 69, according to Polygon. With a combination of attacks, coupled with several health potions and meal buffs, the said "Final Fantasy 15" player became successful in his attempt to defeat one of the toughest monsters in the game.

"Final Fantasy 15" was released on Nov. 29 for Xbox One and PS4. Watch the trailer below:

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