Melania Trump News & Update: Barron Trump Not Autistic, Upcoming First Lady To Sue YouTuber For False Claims?

By Bernie Y. , Updated Nov 30, 2016 02:19 PM EST

Following the controversial video released of Barron Trump, Melania threatened to sue YouTuber user James Hunter after suggesting that her son may have autism. Apparently, the next First Lady won't pass this incidence. Is there any truth about the Barron suffering from autism, though?

James Hunter Issues An Apology: Barron Is Not Autistic

After misdiagnosing Barron, YouTuber Hunter retracted his words and issued a public apology about his false claims. As requested by the lady-elect, he removed the video of her son Barron in the social media.

In his defense, Hunter - who was responsible for the video -- claimed that he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 5. He immediately saw several warning signs in Barron's behavior. However, he later admitted that he misread his behavior, explaining thatDonald Trump's youngest son was simply overtired.

"It was incredibly irresponsible of me to diagnose Barron Trump using a selection of misleading videos," Hunter said by way of admitting his mistake. "I falsely correlated him trying to stay awake and occasionally doing quirky things, with him suffering from autism," the YouTuber explained.

Melania Trump To Sue YouTuber For False Claims?

Before the public apology was made, Melania hired the high-powered attorney Charles Harder to send a warning letter to Hunter. She also requested to take down the video. She made her clear that she is planning to sue him if the video won't be taken down. She also accused Hunter of bullying her child.

Right now, the video is no longer available on YouTube. It looks like he complied with the next First Lady's request on top of admitting its false, defamatory and malicious. However, he made it known that his intention was not to bully Barron. However, Melania already told the media that she won't tolerate any false or misleading statements about her son.

Melania Trump's attorney told Us Weekly that the person responsible for the video has already issued an apology and also followed her request. Do you think Melania is on the right track in defending her son? Sound off below!

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