‘Final Fantasy 15’ Tips, News & Update: Leveling Up Made Easy; Here are Tricks for Smooth Over-all Gameplay

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 30, 2016 08:10 PM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" was unveiled on Nov. 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The game has been in demo version for eight months before the open world action role-playing video game was fully released.Since this game's installment is still quite new, many players may find it difficult to play. It may also be confusing at some point so players are not able to play the "Final Fantasy 15" properly.

General Tips

In order to get the hang of it and play the game smoothly next time, here are some tips to go by. First up, is to learn through the "Final Fantasy 15" tutorial.

When a player activates "Final Fantasy 15" for the first time, a tutorial notice will pop up and it is advisable to go through it. You will learn things about combat as well as the the Lore of Eros.

Next, it is best to join in the hunting missions in "Final Fantasy 15" since this game is all about catching beasts. While on the mission, you will be given new monsters to slay and each successful kill will boost your XP, rewards and rank as a hunter. You can also gain pocketful of gil for this.

Collect items and save it for later use. In "Final Fantasy 15," the more items you have the better since there is less magic in the game. Stock up on elixirs and potions to make your travel easier.

Leveling Up Tips

Eat to get bonuses and more XP. Eating is very important in "Final Fantasy 15." Dining in restaurants or eating Ignis' food will give players huge bonuses. These bonuses would be useful later for survival in the dungeon or winning against a filthy boss. See examples of FFXV food list here.

Lastly, another way to level up fast in "Final Fantasy 15" is to bank all XPs earned via battles by sleeping. You can choose to stay in either a simple camp or plush hotel.

Take note that staying in top hotels like the Royal Suite in Altissa will give you three times more XP bonus. However, the hotel may cost you 30,000 per night. The Galdin Quay hotel in "Final Fantasy 15" cost just 10,000 gil but gives only 2x XP boost.


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