'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Updates: Will Mario Beat Pokemon Go?

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 30, 2016 05:17 PM EST

When "Pokemon Go" hit the android and iOS market worldwide, Gaming giant Nintendo, was honeslty surprised by the results. Admittedly, they did not expect the people to receive it with that much gusto nor were they expecting it to become one of th emost downloaded games on the market. Nintendo would like to replicate the success of "Pokemon Go" but this time, it will be one of their most loved classic character, the "Super Mario Run."

Nintendo promises that compared to the quick fading of "Pokemon Go" due to system issues, the "Super Mario Run" will have an improved system that will assure the players of a great gaming experience. With their experience with running "Pokemon Go," it seems that "Super Mario Run" is already in good hands. Nintendo has even announced that they already have about twenty million sign-ups who would like to be updated when the game is launched.

According to other sources though, "Super Mario Run" will most likely not have the same success as "Pokemon Go." They would have to change their marketing strategy and also add focus to advertising their mobile release.

A survey was conducted by a third party company called Peanut Labs, and they found out that "Pokemon Go" benefited highly from the word-of-mouth virality. Nintendo will have to address this issue first and try to increase their 52 percent visibility of the "Super Mario Run" mobile release.

Another comparison though is the comeback of the highly popular "Clash of Clans" with their constant updates and push notifications, they have managed to re-engage their audience and slowly get the hype back again. "Super Mario Run" will have to learn from this if they want to reach the targets that they have indicated.

If "Super Mario Run" wants to beat the performance of "Pokemon Go," its developers must think of new ways on how they can recreate the hype that was generated then. "Super Mario Run" is set to be released this coming December.

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