'No Man's Sky' News & Update: Foundation Patch is Out & Gamers are Satisfied; Hello Games Absolved from False Advertising Charges

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 30, 2016 08:07 PM EST

"No Man's Sky" is considered a big failure when it was first released in August. This was because, players were disappointed in the actual game because it did not deliver what was promised during the game's campaign.

In fact, "No Man's Sky" was labeled as one of the biggest fails in the history of modern gaming. Two years ago, when Hello Games announced that it is releasing an action-adventure exploration video game, enthusiasts were excited back then.

Details about "No Man's Sky" were published one by one and this further increased the hype over the new game. Moreover, at that time, the game is seen as unique and very promising.

However, when it was finally launched, the reactions were mostly negative. Game reviews were also full of criticisms and complaints from gamers. For some time, Hello Games stayed silent and quietly devoted its time to creating updates to correct what was wrong in "No Man's Sky."

While Hello Games was able to produce few patch notes to provide fixes, this did not appease gamers and many just abandoned the game. But the reactions are different with the release of "No Man's Sky" Foundation update. Players appeared satisfied and the game is slowly making a comeback.

What the Foundation Patch Offers

"No Man's Sky" Foundation patch is also known as AKA v1.1. It was said that its greatest feature is the building of bases because it allows players to set up groundworks that can be utilized to expand resources, research advance technologies and shelter alien helpers.

In addition, the new "No Man's Sky" patch divided the game into three game modes which are: the original, creative and survival mode. The creative game mode provides players with limitless health and resources so they can construct whatever they want. On the other hand, the survival mode is difficult because the planets here are more dangerous and resources are scarce.

In other news, creator of "No Man's Sky," Hello Games, has been absolved from false advertising charges. Forbes reported that the investigation over the alleged misrepresentation on Steam appears complete and detailed.

It was shared that UK's Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) analyzed and compared the Steam content to in-game video clips given by Hello Games, ASA's own game experience and third-party video from YouTube. In the end, there is nothing to suggest that a crime was committed.

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