'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Game Plot & Endgame Already Revealed 6 Months Ago, Nobody Believed the Leaker

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:54 PM EST

Exactly six months before "Final Fantasy XV" unleashed, there was an interesting article from unknown 4chan poster about FFXV plot and storyline. Every bit of details was official sounding but no one took the matter seriously. However, with just days after Square Enix released the title, everything is telling a different verdict.

"Final Fantasy XV" plot points then are hit and miss when the whistle blower revealed details about the final boss and endgame for characters. However, the interesting fact is that most of them are spot on correct! Players can still trace the queries and series of "Final Fantasy XV" discussions from NeoGAF user Leona Lewis since the original 4chan post have been buried since long ago.

Look at the succeeding reactions on NeoGaf re-post in June and most of comments ruled the details way back as outright fake. We can't blame them because skepticism saved the gaming community from several potential mayhem and misinformation anyway. But come to think of it, everything cleared up for this "Final Fantasy XV" reveal and it is safe to say that the poster is vindicated.

Nobody wants to jump in and hitch that "Final Fantasy XV" reveals back then. In fact, some comments called the huss as complete horses**t, Kotaku reported. Who could blame them if they ruled what should have been the biggest mining center as complete nonsense. People were fooled before about "Final Fantasy XV" and it was just rounding up to the lessons of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

The leaker also paved the release date and argued back then that "Final Fantasy XV" isn't going to unleash in September because of several problems in consoles. We already know that Square Enix pushed the release date to Nov 29th. He also made an interesting prediction that Final Fantasy XVI might happen only if FFXV does well. For this latter premise, only time can judge our anonymous leaker.

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