Top PlayStation 4 Pro Games of 2017 News & Update: 'Zero Dawn Horizon,' 'Days Gone' & 'God of War'

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 29, 2016 10:08 PM EST

PlayStation 4 Pro sets gaming industry into new heights and presented an option for graphics quality like never before. Eye candy quality is prevalent nowadays as common requirement so it came as no surprise that some publishers opt for PlayStation 4 Pro exclusivity. So here they are, games that might want us to purchase 4K monitor and pick up those DualShock 4 again.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" has always been one of the most enticing visual treat since developer Guerilla Games unleashed teasers and cut scenes. When married with PlayStation 4 Pro, expect an immersion in this open world robo-dinosaur world. In fact, Sony itself seems to be keen on fencing this titles that it became a trademark for Sony Entertainment System. "Horizon Zero Dawn" is set to invade PlayStation 4 system in Feb 28th of next year and pre-order is now available.

"Days Gone" is the best choice for PlayStation 4 Pro owners who love zombie genre and that old "kill 'em all" worry-free gameplay. Here is the catch; zombies in this game is a bit different because they are not the usual dumb, slow and unorganized zombies. Yes, protagonist Deacon is a bounty hunter, hey it seems that he needs all weapons he could get because he is fast becoming the hunted instead. Pre-order disc is available for "Days Gone" already although the release date is to be determined yet.

"God of War" PlayStation 4 Pro version is different from what we are used to. Protagonist Kratos is somewhat more refined compared to berserk we are used too. Further, he now transcends into a responsible father figure as he helps his son in fulfilling his demigod birthright. "God of War" is yet to invade PlayStation sometime next year, though release date is still undetermined.

So, have you got the picture of what lies ahead for PlayStation 4 Pro? There are other exclusive titles out there and they are equally appealing so keep posted here at GameNGuide.

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