MacBook Pro Latest News & Update: Should’ve Apple Waited For Kaby Lake To Arrive Before Releasing The MacBook Pro?

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 01, 2016 08:00 AM EST

The tremendous effort Apple has put on for the recently released MacBook Pro has unfortunately been met by not-so-good reviews. Nonetheless, a prized few were pretty pleased of the latest addition, but this leaves a serious question regarding Apple's dubious MacBook Pro release date - why didn't the company wait for the Kaby Lake chips to arrive first?

The answer to that is lingering somewhere beneath Apple's fortress and clearly, there's something huge we're missing on. Meanwhile, DigiTimes reports that Intel's highly anticipated Kaby Lake processors will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show next year, 2017. Where does this leave the MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro 2016: Way Better With Kaby Lake Processors?

The details for Kaby Lake had been circulating the World Wide Web for quite a while now; the new line officially announced in August. In September, there were reports saying that the Kaby Lakes have been distributed to several manufacturers in limited quantities. In fact, Apple Insider reports that Apple already had the chips months before its scheduled release. Still, the unveiling of the new MacBook Pro saw a Skylake chip and no discrete GPU.

Kaby Lake processors promise an improved performance for all-around use with a better battery life, given Intel does a good job in making significant enhancements in its processors year-on-year. What this implies is, the MacBook Pro could've been better, but we're instead stuck with a Skylake-powered laptop.

MacBook Pro 2016: Apple Might Have Other Plans For The Kaby Lake

Currently, Apple is hard at work on the new iMac, now dubbed the iMac 2017, as it was previously speculated that the PC should be out in the market this year. GamenGuide reports that Apple has secured the Kaby Lake for the iMac 2017, which is apparently the reason for the delayed release. We could only assume that the company couldn't afford another set of delays, which is why they released the MacBook Pro sans Intel's brand-spanking chips.

Intel is yet to confirm Kaby Lake's unveiling at the January 2017 event. For now, MacBook Pro users should make use of the device to its full extent, given the hefty price they've invested.

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