'Final Fantasy VII Remake:' Cloud Crosses Over To Palamecia

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 01, 2016 04:00 AM EST

"Final Fantasy VII Remake" is about to make another appearance this December. Square Enix will feature a collaboration event dubbed "Eclipse Contact" for a limited-time. The collaboration will reportedly bring the world of "Midgar" into the "Mobius Final Fantasy."

Square Enix released a short trailer that showcases a version of Cloud from "Final Fantasy VII Remake." He is shown fighting alongside Wol, the hero of "Mobius Final Fantasy." Siliconera reports that a similar limited-time event was also introduced last year. In the trailer, Cloud can be seen with his trademark buster sword fighting against enemies from his world. Shinra's logo can also be seen in background as the fight appears to take place in Midgard. The video ends with cloud performing his "Omnislash" limit break on what appears to be the Guard Scorpion boss from "Final Fantasy VII."

Fans are still eagerly waiting for news about the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" release date, but there seems to be no hint of any updates anytime soon. Moreover, with the recent release of "Final Fantasy XV," Square Enix would most likely be focusing on the game's promotion and upcoming DLC content. The remake will allegedly be released in three parts, each part is going to be a full scale game according to Yoshinori Kitase in an interview with Game Informer (via Trusted Reviews). The battles system shies away from the original's ATB (Active Time Battle) system. It appears to feature a hybrid real-time action battle like the "Kingdom Hearts" series.

The battle mechanics in "Mobius Final Fantasy" is different from "Final Fantasy VII Remake." It presents a card-based system that requires players to customize their deck to fit their strategies. The game is available as a free-to-play platform and can be downloaded for the PC, Android and iOS devices. There are in-app purchases available for players who prefer to have an edge.

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