‘Final Fantasy XV' & 'Nier Automata' Teased in New Gameplay Trailer; Fans React!

By Michael Augustin , Updated Nov 28, 2016 09:54 AM EST

Square Enix teased the addition of a new weapon in "Nier Automata." It seems Noctics's sword in "Final Fantasy XV" will be in the game and fans have since shared their excitement over the reveal on Twitter.

Square Enix debuted a gameplay video for "Nier Automata" that features Noctis' iconic sword-the Engine Blade. The sword is available as an in-game weapon in "Nier Automata." It contains the same capabilities as Noctis' sword 'in "Final Fantasy XV."

In "Nier Automata" the Engine Blade mimics the damage display as seen in "Final Fantasy XV." The effects are synonymous with the "Final Fantasy" game too.

However, the difference is the unique animations of the sword in "Nier Automata." It seems to have its own evasion effects in the game. Likewise, the character wielding the Engine Blade differs too. Noctis is not in the game itself. Instead, a female character, identified to be the titular heroine, wields the sword.

Following the release of the gameplay trailer, fans have since taken to social media to express their excitement at the reveal. A quick search through Twitter for "Nier Automata" and "Final Fantasy XV" yielded several results from fans of both games.

One fan requests to see the combat from "Nier Automata" to crossover to "Final Fantasy XV." Anything seems possible now, following the reveal of Noctis' weapon in the game.

Likewise, other Twitter users complimented the gameplay using the Engine Blade as smooth. Others called it amazing and cool. Now fans who do not own "Final Fantasy XV" can experience the thrill of using Noctis' Engine Blade in "Nier Automata."

Meanwhile, Square Enix has yet to confirm if Noctis' Engine Blade automatically becomes available in "Nier Automata." So far, the creators have only confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of the game will arrive in Japan on Feb. 23.

Meanwhile, speculations have it that the US release for "Nier Automata" will happen sometime early 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. As for the game's combat crossover to "Final Fantasy XV," only the creators can tell when and if this will ever happen.

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