'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News, Cheats, Tips & Tricks Update: How To Reset EVs Using Berries

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 01, 2016 11:43 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been out for two weeks since its release and players might want to consider building teams by breeding pokemons that have perfect IVs, Natures and move. With that said, players should EV train their pokemons in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" to build up EVs of effort values, but what if players want to reset their pokemon's effort values?

Resetting EVs in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'

According to reports, resetting EVs in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is easy as it is time-consuming for players. Players must collect certain types of berries found in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Alola region that could reduce the basic stat of pokemon's EVs by 10.

Once players collects a certain amount of berries in "Pokemon Sun and Moon", players must then feed the berries to their respective pokemons until the effort values reach down to zero. Players can check pokemon's effort values by going to its summary and pressing Y from the gaming console.

As mentioned above, there are certain berries scattered all over "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Alola region that players must collect. Pomeg Berries can reduce the pokemon's health points, Kelpsy Berries reduces attack, Qualot Berries reduces defense, Hondrew Berries for special attacks, Grepa Berry for special defense, and Tomato Berries reduces speed.

All berries can be found on Route 10 in the Alola region in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Although, these berries are still not available, players can visit the Poke Pelago and build the Berry Tree Island. Players must plant the berries on the island and collect said berries if it is ready to be picked.

For anyone that is missing out, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is now available in the Nintendo 3DS. For more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" tips and tricks stay tuned to Gamenguide!

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