'League of Legends' Latest News and Update: Dominates Korean PC Bangs Once Again, Overwatch was a Phase

By Ara , Updated Dec 01, 2016 11:42 AM EST

"Overwatch" had taken the charts in a survey from Korean PC Bangs. It seemed that times have changed but was actually just a quick turnover as "League of Legends" is back on top. Could it possibly be due to the new season coming up?

Ever since its steady rise and consistent showcase of the eSports scene; "League of Legends" has consistently maintained its top 1 ranking game to be played in Korean PC Bangs. However, with the new thrills and the different game play that "Overwatch" has introduced in a world of Dota-like structure in MOBA gaming, it's no surprise that League of Legends was knocked off of its pedestal. However, things have actually changed as "League of Legends" is back to being the number one game in Korean PC Bangs.

The newly released Elementalist Lux might also be a factor to why players have gone back to their "League of Legends" roots. With the season 2016 already over and the champions still SKT T1, it's no surprise that much of the Korean players have begun to pick up the game after the championship. With thechampion hailing from Korea, "League of Legends" was bound to get its spot back of being the number one game in Korean PC Bangs.

Another factor that tipped the scales could be the fact that "Overwatch" lacks content and has provided players with the same game mode. Though the addition of the arcade and the changes on the quick play has spiced things up, "Overwatch" has too little flavor to truly compete with LoL. While "Overwatch" had sat on the top spot, there's no denying the strength that "League of Legends" has when it comes to the PC Bang business. Being the number one game in Korean PC Bangs does say a lot on how successful a game is. It also determines just how many Korean eSports team are dedicated to take that number one spot in the entire world.

"League of Legends" has come a long way since 2006 but it's not going away any time soon. "Overwatch" might simply be warming up the rank but League still is the number one game in Korean PC Bangs.

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