NFL Trade Latest News & Update: Which Team Picks Up Tony Romo In The 2017 Offseason? [POLL]

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 01, 2016 08:11 PM EST

Tony Romo is in an unusual predicament though he is partly to blame. Injuries throughout his career have been hampering him from helping out the Dallas Cowboys and at some point, someone could eventually come up to take over.

Everyone knows the magic that Dak Prescott has brought to the Cowboys even though he is in his rookie season. Many are waiting for him to wilt but so far that hasn’t happened. To cut it short, the Cowboys have their quarterback of the future. So where does this leave Romo?

Like it or not, Romo is at the stage of his NFL career where he could one day announce he is done. He has been through injuries frequently and that could diminish his stock in a hurry. Jerry Jones loves Romo but looking ahead, he has to deal with reality.

Either allow the 36-year-old quarterback to finish his career as a starter or demote him to backup and risk losing him to teams in need of one. Of the two choices, it seems that the latter is outweighing the former unless Prescott bombs out big time. But can Romo wait that long?

Right now, there are several teams in need of a quarterback. Romo’s injuries are hardly to be a factor since experience counts. Among the teams linked to the veteran quarterback include the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas News reported.

Depending on what happens this season, the number of teams who could express interest in Romo could swell. But is Jones ready to give up Romo after this season just in case?

The good news for Jones is that critics believe it would be foolish to invest in Romo at this stage of his career, Bleacher Report Radio reported. While many could care less, it all boils down to his state of health. He is fragile at this point but playing backup and allowing his injury to heal up could inadvertently be good for the veteran after all.

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