'Pokemon Go' Latest News and Update: More Regions Can Access its Nearby Feature, New Features Revealed?

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Dec 01, 2016 10:34 PM EST

Niantic Labs, the developer of "Pokemon Go", posted on its website that "Pokemon Go" nearby feature is already available in more regions. The features are accessible all throughout the United States and the majority part of Europe.

The developer is taking all the necessary steps in improving the nearby feature of the game. Niantic Labs is still looking on the feedback of the fans including their comments on their social media accounts according to Gamespot.

It said that it will be open for changes if needed. "Pokemon Go" nearby feature has been launched exclusively in San Francisco, California. Fortunately, it expanded to all States west of Mississippi River in November. However, it is not available in Hawaii and Alaska.

The Canadian regions such as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchawen, Manitoba and the western half of Ontorio is not part of the expansion. This will be good news for all Australians as nearby will be available on its states and territories. 

The first six months of "Pokemon Go" has been supported by fans and it inspired the developer to improve the game even more. The main goal of Niantic Labs is to improve existing features and create exciting new contents and functionality.

In the official Facebook page of "Pokemon Go", it announced that it is expanding nearby "Pokemon Go" feature for the rest of the continental United States and large parts of Europe according to Pokemon Go Informer

The "Pokemon Go" team will continue to review the feedbacks submitted on its official social media accounts as well as on other channels.  The Hawaii will get the nearby soon but not now. In Europe, it is not specifically stated in what areas the access will be granted. Players in Europe can check the new tracker by logging in the "Pokemon Go". Niantic Labs only focused on city players and disregarded those who played in rural areas.

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