'Overwatch' Latest News & Update: Blizzard Anti-cheat Banhammer Affects Top-ranked Players, Blocked Players Can't Appeal

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 02, 2016 05:14 AM EST

Blizzard is cooking a banhammer for "Overwatch" cheaters so severe that it can kick them out of the game. This is a timely punitive action that will result to missing the Christmas event and of course - final goodbye to this beloved title.

Developer Blizzard seems to be lining towards permanent ban for "Overwatch" cheaters, affecting even those previously undetected cheats. In fact, the banhammer is already taking effect as some users complained through Battle.net that they can't access their account even if they claimed that the hack used were "undetectable." Others went as far as threatening "Overwatch" of court complain.

There is one infamous hack called OverJoint which became so hot in "Overwatch" tail as Blizzard tracks down thousands of players running it. It is also notable that one player belonged to top 500 in worldwide ranking and used OverJoint for few seconds just to test it. You got where we are going here - that player said bye bye to "Overwatch" after he was busted, GameZone reported.

Here is another harsh reality that cheaters are facing; "Overwatch" said that they will not overrule the banhammer and there will be no avenue for appeal as well. Think that "Overwatch has been existing for a while now and slowly tries to be a credible eSport title so this banhammer came as no surprise at all. Blizzard already made such move in June that also affected a good number of players.

Meanwhile, Blizzard explained through Battle.net forum that this "Overwatch" disciplinary action was properly discussed in game EULA and license agreement. The decision to mettle banhammer wasn't taken lightly and individual cases were reviewed beforehand.

So, are you willing to risk "Overwatch" permanent ban? Apart from OverJoint, other hacks and bots are proliferating out there that can result to a permanent ban. Think of DVA system hack, Soldier 82 hack, StickyJoint v9 - the options for death warrant are basically limitless.

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