‘Vikings’ Season 5 News & Updates: Mid-Season Premiere; Ragnar’s Return Inevitable?

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 02, 2016 05:27 AM EST

The first part of "Vikings" Season 4 with Ragnar's defeat, the show runner Michael Hirst decided to show us what happens after one of the most famed Viking warriors in the world is defeated: He disappears for years, then suddenly shows up at home to find his beloved sons grown.

In Wednesday's premiere with the "Vikings Season 5," Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) got to know these men and laid his plans for avenging the destruction of his settlement in England by King Ecbert (Linus Roache). Hirst called up Variety from rainy "Oxfordshire" to discuss Ragnar's suicide attempt and what's coming down the pike for his crippled son Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen).

"I know that; of all my sons, you will be best placed to revenge me, and everyone else will reject you. You are full of anger, but you can use that anger, and you can become extraordinarily special."-As stated by Ragnar.

Having tried to kill him off as a baby, Ragnar recognizes something in Ivar that is valuable and good. Ivar will become, historically, the most famous "Viking" in this season.

If you don't die in battle, you don't make it to Valhalla. Ragnar Lothbrok was testing himself, he's testing his fate. He really wants to go in England and check out the wreckage of his settlement and have some sort of negotiation with Ecbert. The two things that brought him back were that he loves his sons and wanted to see what becomes of them. But there was unfinished business in "England."

In some ways he knows that's his destiny; which whatever it is, it will be decided in England. It's a momentary thing that's brought up by meeting with "Lagertha and Floki". Feeling lonely and isolated and wanting to do something about, but also kind of knowing the gods will not allow Ragnar Lothbrok to die that anyway.

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