Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition Updates: New Consoles To Be Released This Holiday Season

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Dec 02, 2016 05:34 AM EST

The NES Classic Edition has been depleted on retailer market, but on Ebay, the sales have been going high. What is the new console, where can you get it and where can you get additional controllers?

Polygon reports that Nintendo’s new product the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition has been selling pretty well on Ebay. Nintendo release the re-imagining of their classic platform which is packed with 30 of their most successful titles. This includes “Donkey Kong”, “Mario Bros.”, “Legend of Zelda”, “Pac-Man” and many more. Since the first days of its release, it has been completely sold out at retailers and fans have been quite desperate to get their hands on one of the consoles.

The $60 special edition of the NES has reached prices as high as $286 on Ebay, with an average price of almost $200. This has irritated a lot of Nintendo fans who want to get a copy of the system.

Nintendo has announced that new consoles will be released for the holiday season, but nothing much further than that. For now, the only way to get one is to buy an overpriced version on the console from grey market services.

The Console comes packed with a single controller, which holds two problems in it. First, the cable for the console is too short for players to stray from the screen, the second one is that additional controllers are also out of stock. Tech Times comes in with some relieving news, sharing that 8Bitdo have released their version of the NES controller. It works together with the system and through a Bluetooth connection, it can be used on any modern console.

Tech Radar adds that the new controller is completely wireless, which helps the players to get as far as they want from the TV screen. “NES30” as the controller has been named Is available for purchase through several different retailers, among which are Amazon and Game Stop.

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